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If you give a mouse a cookie...

Girl, you know it's true.

20 June
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I'm me.
, 42, 80's flashbacks, 80's music, alice in chains, alpacas, ann-margret, being annoying, being weird, billy corgan, bombers burritos, bowling, bright colours, bright orange, bruce campbell, cake batter, card games, cats, cheesecake, chocolate, christmas lights, cleavage, cleavage mobile, cleavage squad, colouring, concerts, cookie dough, cooking, cuddling, culinary arts, dane cook, david bowie, daydreaming, desserts, did somebody say gregdonalds?, dienowkthx, diners, dr seuss, drawing, dreams, drive ins, duct tape, eric clapton, et haters, expressing myself, faerie tales, family, fettuccini alfredo, fireworks, food, freddie mercury, free time, friends, glitter, good luck charms, green day, gregdonalds, guys, hair dye, hands, hockey, homestar runner, horny, humor, ice cream, incubus, inside jokes, irish music, italian food, james taylor, jewlery, john mayer, johnny depp, journal, kissing, labyrinth, laughing, lip gloss, lips, listening, living happily ever after, llamas, love, luck, makeup, me, michael jackson, milli vanilli, monty python, moons, morrigan, music, my bed, nintendo, nudity, passion, pat the bunny, penguins, piercings, pirates, prawn pr0n, privacy, queen, quizzes, retro video games, rhps, rock, rocky horror picture show, romance, romance movies, sarcasm, sex, shimmy_shimmy_shimmy_til_the_break_of_dawn_yeah!, sick humor, sleeping, smiling, smooching, snuggling, soft things, softball, sparkles, spinal tap, starry eyes, stars, steak cake, street fighter, stuff, stuffed animals, succubi, sun, superstitions, sweets, taco bell, teasing, teddy bears, the 80's, the moon, the smashing pumpkins, touching, um um excuse me, video games, wesley willis, writing, zelda, ziggy stardust